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Offset Printing Process

Offset printing is one of the most common type of printing technique used by a number of industries. Although these printing machines, equipments are expensive with high set-up costs, the printing process expense is nominal. The technique is famous because of the higher printing quality and large volume printing.

In this popular printing technique, ink is not applied directly from the printing plate or cylinder to the intermediate surface as in case of gravure, flexography and letterpress printing techniques. Ink is applied to the printing plate to form an image such as text or artwork to be printed and then transferred or "offset to a rubber blanket. The image on the blanket is then transferred to the paper to get the desired printed product

Digital image printing allows high performance, cost-effective digital web-fed solution for commercial printing. Digital Image Printing Process can be used to produce everything right from printed graphic attachments to plastic cards, financial applications etc.

Types of Offset Printing
Sheet Fed Offset Printing
Web Offset Printing

Benefits of Offset Printing
Can be used on other surfaces including wood, cloth, metal, leather besides paper
Longer plate life than on direct litho presses
Sharper, cleaner and consistent high image quality
Better than letterpress printing
Ease of production of plates

Application of Offset Printing
General Commercial Printing
Business Forms
Financial and Legal Documents

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