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Gravure Printing Process

Gravure printing technique is used for long run printing with sharper, fine and clear images. It is generally used for high-volume printing of packaging, wallpaper, and giftwraps using fast-drying inks. Although not widely used, gravure printing also finds application in printing magazines, greeting cards, and high-volume advertising print campaigns

Gravure printing Process is a form of intaglio printing. The technique uses a depressed or sunken surface for formation of the image. The image area consists of honey comb shaped cells that are etched or engraved into a copper cylinder. The unetched area of the cylinder represents the non-image or unprinted areas. The cylinder generally rotates in a bath of ink called the ink pan. With the turning of cylinder, extra ink gets wiped off the cylinder due to a steel doctor blade. Image is formed due to the direct transfer of the ink to the substrate (paper or any other material) while it passes between the plate cylinder and the impression cylinder.

This method allows multi color printing at very high speeds. Most machines are equipped with in-line die cutting, sheeting and perforating mechanism and have a high performance drying system. The machines allow for quick changeover features and sleeve engraving to make the printing economical.

Application of Gravure Printing:
Food Packaging
Wall Paper
Wrapping Paper
Furniture Laminates
Greeting Cards

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