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Thermography Printing Process

Thermographic Printing is a special technique relying on heat to print letters or create images on a sheet of paper. This printing technique is also a post print process done inline with the printing.

Special thermography powder is sprayed on a paper sheet after it is removed from an offset printing press. The powder is then vacuumed off of the sheet and is left only where there is an image, or printed ink. The sheet then travels through a heat tunnel; causing the powder to melt and leave behind a raised image like on business cards, or envelopes.

Types of Thermal Printing:
Direct Thermal Printing Machine
The process includes coating a paper with material that changes color on application of heat.

Thermal Transfer Printing Machine
The process includes heating a waxy substance which melts onto a ribbon, which in turn melts on to the paper to form desired images. The process is also known as Thermal Ink Transfer Printing.

Application of Thermal Printing:
Business Stationery
Corporate Letterheads
Annual Report Covers
Greeting Cards
Wrapping Paper
Presentation Folders
Fax Printers

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